Error 0x800ccc90 description


Using Outlook Express to manage your emails is a breeze, but after getting too comfortable with Outlook, if you have to face a problem that prevents you from downloading and sending emails, then you will be disappointed. If you try to log on to Microsoft Exchange Server using your Outlook Express with secure password authentication enabled, you may get error 0x800ccc90 in your computer.

Error 0x800ccc90 causes

Error 0x800ccc90 causes:

Error 0x800ccc90 means that Outlook failed to connect to the mail server that is handling your emails. When you have more than one email server, then finding problematic mail server is a problem. Usually, your error code 0x800ccc90 will tell you that it was not possible to logon to the server using distributed password authentication. You will get details like account, server and protocol. Server response with server error 0x800ccc90 and server error number will be displayed.

There are only two reasons why this 0x800ccc90 error may be caused. If your Outlook Express POP3 client is unable to access the actual mailbox, you will get this error. The mailbox may not exist in that case. Sometimes, there will be a custom recipient in the Exchange Server organization with the same alias. The server will access the custom recipient instead of accessing your mailbox. In that case, there will be a mailbox conflict and you will know only error code 0x800ccc90.

Error 0x800ccc90 is caused when the email client is configured in such a way to use SSL secure socket layer at all times. Email servers assume that you login to SMTP server properly and then you are good to go. However, some servers add this additional level of security.

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Troubleshooting Error 0x800ccc90

To start resolving error 0x800ccc90, you need to find out whether you are accessing the right mailbox. You can do this by using clear text option in your Outlook Express. Click on tools and then go to accounts. Go the mail accounts you have registered and click on Servers tab. Then select Log on Using option. Then enable Clear Text option. Once done, if your error 0x800ccc90 goes away, then it means that you havenít properly configured your mailbox.

Sometimes, there may not be a problem with your mailbox at all. In that case, the custom recipient with the same alias name has to be removed with the one with the administrator rights for the network. You can try deleting new emails you obtained from people other than your contacts. Many users who have experienced error 0x800ccc90 have been able to solve the problem by deleting a new email suspiciously sent by their isp provider.

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Fix Error 0x800ccc90

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